About Us

We are the Saks. My pen name is Tilly. My very significant other is Bee. We are getting married in July. We have the most precious daughter named Stella.

I am the writer and Bee is director of photography. (FYI – he sends multiple pictures daily by email to grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.)

Bee loves hockey. And that is mostly it. He also likes food (anything BBQ’d or ribs), sports highlights, gossip, shoes and being over prepared. He doesn’t like procrastination, wet towels on the floor, most vegetables and my family dog Max.

Stella loves kisses, baths, any food that isn’t mushed up, drinking through straws, the Telus Splish Splash commercial, eating off of chop sticks and her giant stuffed Ape George (He’s huge – double her size). She doesn’t like naps, Dad’s whiskers or formula (yuck!).

I love the sunshine, being a mom, cooking (although I’m not that good…yet), shoes and trying new things (my next endeavor is sewing). I hate folding clothes, being over prepared, toothpaste splatters on the faucet and mould or expired food (I won’t eat/cook/serve anything within 3 days of it’s best before).

Together, we make one very happy family. Read about our adventures!



  1. When do we get to see some wedding pics? Heard it was lovely and you looked stunning!!
    Love Auntie Moe

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