Posted by: theweesak | April 24, 2010

Livin’ The Life

Wow. Wow. Wow. Things were intense there for a little bit. But I think I’ve got a hold on my life again. THANK GOD. What happened? Golf season. That is what happened. Which means back to work full time. I always knew I could handle it (I think), but now I know for sure. After a couple of bumpy weeks, I’m back on track. Super Mom returns. I know, I’m no different and tons of mom’s do it. My case is the same as everyone else’s. but that doesn’t make it any less hard. Here is my day:

Brent gets up at 6:00am and I usually wake up then, and drift in and out of sleep until about 7 or 7:15. (PS – I know, I’m lucky. I get to sleep in. For now. Ask me later — like on June 18th when I have to BE AT work by 5:30am. :die: )

I get up and get ready while Stella is still asleep. You can always count on her to wake up just as I sit down to eat my breakfast. Remember this post? How you are forbidden to eat any hot food? Well that appies to cereal too. Crispy, crunchy cereal is a treat — by the time I eat it, it’s usually mushy and indiscernible. Yum! Anyways, then starts my scramble to get Stella ready, finish getting me ready, gather all of our stuff and get it (and us) in the car. (Sometimes, on a good day, I can do this the night before!)

I drop Stella off at Nonna’s house and she waves to me from the window and HiHo HiHo It’s off to Work I Go. Cut the whistling.

I usually have a great day at work, go pick Stella up and then head home to make dinner (which is proving quite difficult these days — that is for another post), clean, bath, play, clean, play (watch Glee — on Tuesdays), get ready for tomorrow, etc. We then put Stella to bed, Bee reads her a story and I feed her, then she falls asleep. I usually try to tidy things up for about 15 minutes, then head off to bed to read, then sleep.



You’ll notice that I haven’t quite figured out where the blogging comes in, where the hobbies are shceduled, and exercise has kind of taken a back seat right now. Thinking of all this kind of makes me sad. Although I love my job (yes, I’m saying it again), I loved doing all of those other things too. I just need to find a balance. And it’ll come.

It seems that each week gets easier and easier and each week I learn more and better ways to do things to stretch my time, use it wisely and make the most of it. I make goals at the beginning of each week, to make more time for something by doing this, or use by time better by doing that. It seems to really help.

On the upside, we’ve booked a summer vacation! 🙂

On the downside, on Monday my life DEPENDS on there being no snow on the ground. And it is snowing. Lots. Eff.



  1. Have I mentioned I hate that you’re so far away? Or how cute Stella is? OMG! And your writing? Gosh darn it girl I am amazed (and totally jealous!) of your wit!

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