Posted by: theweesak | April 23, 2010

Thursday’s Thanks – 04.22.10

I’m late. I started this yesterday, but as per usual, life got in the way. So here we go. Thursday’s Thanks. On Friday.

Today, I’m going to have a focused Thursday’s Thanks. Mostly because there is one thing that we all are (or should be) thankful for, but sometimes we forget. Even I forget.

Today {ahem. Yesterday.}  is Earth Day. Today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.

I am thankful for the Earth. But I’m also so very thankful for the activists, speakers, authors, and those who love the Earth and make a true, honest and dedicated effort to make our planet a better place for our children. People who live or risk their lives for the Earth and the creatures in it. Who want to stop cruel killing of animals, who want to clean up the oceans, who want to promote and encourage “green eating”, who just want to make our air breathable.

Here, I have composed a list of things that you can do FOR FREE (or maybe even save money!) to make our world a better place: Note: {These brackets indicate my opinion only}.

– Go to and sign their petition. This website is home to the Academy Award winning movie “The Cove” that exposes a yearly slaughtering of thousands of dolphins. Featured today on Oprah, these men are striving not only to save dolphins, but the people who are fed the mercury plagued meat.

– Go to your local farmer’s market and buy your veggies there instead of the grocery store. You’d be supporting local farmers, reducing carbon emissions from transport among other things. {I usually find the produce from there tastes better anyway!}

– Make you own cleaner at home. This one works wonders: Fill a spray bottle 1/4 with white vinegar, a couple squirts of dawn, and water. It’ll cut through grease, shine, disinfect and deodorize all at once! {This is cheaper than bottled cleaner for sure!}

– Recycle. Don’t be lazy — we have recycling bins — that Calgarians pay $8/month for. Use it. Please.

– Get a rain Barrel. Check this out!

The City of Calgary, in partnership with Green Calgary, is pleased to announce the 2010 rain barrel sale.

When: Sat. May 1, 2010 from 9 to 11 a.m.

Where: Brentwood, Anderson LRT parking lots and Richmond Co-op

What: Rain barrels are 45-gallon food-grade plastic barrels fitted with two taps and a screened hole for a downspout.

Price: $80* including GST (Cash, Cheque, MasterCard and Visa accepted)

*Prices are set by Clean Calgary and include GST. Clean Calgary Association is a non-profit organization and proceeds from the Rain Barrel Sale support their environmental programs and services.

{There is usually a line, but the cash line goes much quicker — bring cash!}

– Apply these things to your work. Recycle there, open a window, bring your lunch in tupperware, ride your bike, etc.

– Get outside! — Studies show that people (specifically children) who grow up with nature’s influence (i.e. – -getting outside, playing in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, etc) have a greater appreciation for the environment and do their part to save the planet through sustainable living.

– Buy a reusable water bottle and stop buying bottled water. (I’m working on this. I promise.)

– Drive the speed limit. They are not only there for your safety, but to limit emissions and gas usage.

– Make goals for yourself. Say – This month, I’ll strive to have one meat-free meal per day. OR By the end of this year, I’ll try to change all of my light-bulbs to the “good ones”. OR This month, I’ll get outside 3 times per week. OR This summer I’ll buy all my produce from the farmer’s market.

What about you? What can you do? What are you going to do? Leave me a comment and let me know. Because it makes me smile.



  1. I signed the petition, that was so sad to see those dolphins perishing. I recycle, I am going to try and get one of those rain barrels, so I guess I have to work on buying bottled water (and we own are own water bottles too) so I guess “I Bad”. But good work Tessa on getting this message out.

  2. Good for you! Hey, now that we’re back to one car we are doing a really big part for our environment. Remember to carpool when ever you can! That is my contribution.

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