Posted by: theweesak | April 15, 2010

Thursday’s Thanks – 04.15.10

Whew. What a busy busy week or two. As the golf season is upon us my work load increases. Thus, I am back at work (almost) full time. I’ll blog about this later, but in short, being a working mom is tough. Really tough. Here is what I am thankful for this week:

I am thankful that I have a job and a job that I love. It would be rally hard to leave Stella and go to work everyday if I hated my job.

I am thankful for a wonderful Bee at home. He’ll help me clean up — and when they aren’t clean, he knows why — and it’s okay.

I am thankful for child proofing. In the midst of an attempt to keep my house in order, I have spent my week moving things higher, putting things away and closing doors. Stella is crawling. Quickly. She started last week and has already progressed to standing up against things and pulling herself up. This could be trouble.

I am thankful for Glee. Oh I love Glee. Watch. Now.

I am thankful for ice-pacs. Because my shoulder has flared up like a mother this week. As a twitter friend mentioned, and I couldn’t agree more, you take advantage of your posture before children. Remember this.

I am thankful for my readers. And comments. (Note: hint hint  🙂 )



  1. Is it Thursday already!

    • Yes, time flies when you aren’t taking care of a baby! 🙂

  2. Tessa,you are such a great writer.Have you thought about putting some of these stories into a childs book?

    • Thanks! Umm, no. I think I need more practice — nay — talent to write a book!!

  3. Besides being thankful for my fantastic hubby, wonderful children, and the rest of my family, I am thankful for each day I wake up and hear the birds chirping, my silly dog wagging his tail when he sees me, getting to see Stella everyday and watch how fast she’s growing, my friends (especially my girlfriends), nature and finally, Spring (I hope I haven’t spoke to soon).

  4. Thankful its friday, get to spend a great weekend with the girls.

  5. Well a thursday in saskatchistan what to be thankful for hmmm…. i’m going to go with Playoff hockey ( yes we have cable out here in the faltlands) , oh and skype hahaha kk seriously thought being able to talk to my family daily I absolutely love it and to have sports as my theropy from my broadcasting coma is great!!! love you all… I dunno about that Nonna shes always greatful for everything but fails to mention me … kinda like Tilly forgetting that I was also in Hawaii… hmmm

    • Good comment. Except what is this theropy you keep talking about?? You mentioned it on your blog too. Haha. And I knew you were in Hawaii!

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