Posted by: theweesak | April 7, 2010

No line, no cover- when you’re a celebrity

As a child, I always wanted to play in the NHL or be famous and live that celebrity lifestyle. I mean who doesn’t want to party like a rockstar?

Well the past 10 months has been my chance, well sort of. I can’t keep up with all the latest news and photos. (There goes my other dream to work at TMZ).
I’m sure it’s the same with all those cute babies out there but this wasn’t anything I ever expected.
Going any where with Stella is like walking through a hoard of paparazzi ( minus all the cameras) and fans wanting to catch a glimpse.
It seems everywhere you take her there are many people stopping you to have a look, coming to say hi or trying to play that game of peek a boo with her. I mean before Stella no one was just coming up and talking to me. Heck I don’t even know people knew my name prior to having Stella.
Dont forget, There’s also the staring or the comments (all positive) when they think you can’t hear or aren’t listening. We’ve received many compliments in restaurants and stores about how everyone just loves Stella and the one that stands out ( but we wished never happened) was the creepy lady who gave Stella a kiss at West Ed. We were so caught off gaurd we didn’t know what to do.

For me I’ll just continue to live my dream and be my favorite player as I score the Stanley Cup winning goal in overtime in the biggest “street” hockey game of my life and continue to be one of those proud dads loving every minute if attention that kid gets. Nothing makes you prouder then raising a great kid




  1. To add to that, Stella attended her first Flames game and sure enough made it on the jumbotron. I’ve gone to how many games and never made it on the jumbotron? even after getting hit with a puck!
    I think I love all the attention more then the little one.

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