Posted by: theweesak | April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

First off — Housekeeping! — Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I said 15, but really only expected half that — so you get a video! (I know, I bend like rubber. This could be trouble in the coming years.) However, I’m working on it. I’ll try for it tonight, but I’m not so much a techie (as you can see by my ugly ugly blog layout). Cross your fingers!

What a wonderful weekend! Stellar’s first Easter saw treats from a certain bunny, a little bit of shopping, and a trip to the beautiful Rocky Mountains for a hike. Lindz and Ruby came too! (See their blogs on my blog roll — we are sisters IRL — are we blogging sisters?? You might say that…) It was pretty eventful — Stella rocked her new sunnies:

Ruby went on an heroic adventure to save Lindz’s lens cap from the vicious current of Heart Creek:

And Bee carried Stella the.entire.way. (It was kind of fun for me — watching him feel like I did for nine months. Ha!)

It was a ton of fun. Stella was zonked out by the end. Hiking is hard don’t-cha-know. But she loved it. And we ended our day with a lovely ham dinner that was scarfed down and enjoyed by all.

I’ll tell you what is not fun. We did something wonderful (and free!) on this beautiful spring weekend in Alberta (Look kids! No snow!). But that you-know-what comes around and kicks you in the you-know-what. Know why? Because the snow melted off of the road, leaving mounds of lovely gravel for other cars to kick up into your windshield leaving massive chip and crack. Eff. My “free” family weekend just turned into $500.

But it was so worth it and I’d do it again in a second. 🙂



  1. It was a great weekend, but boy did Stellar get heavy when she decided to fall asleep on the way down the mountain.

    Now where do I get a pair of those sunglasses that automatically makes me cool?

  2. Looks like the Easter Bunny went hiking with you. I went sort of hiking (and biking and ziplining and spalunking and rapelling), and survived. It was great fun. See you soon.

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