Posted by: theweesak | March 29, 2010

You want it? Come and get it.

Okay, I hate to do this. But yes, it has come to this. I am going to bribe you. (I like the word bribe more than beg).

I have a precious little video that is waiting to be posted to the blog — you’ll love it. It makes Bee laugh every time.

I am looking for comments. Why? Because I want to know who is out there! This blog world is a lonely one. And the comments I get I love to read! (Thanks to those who have commented!)

Here is the deal. Comment on my last post (Family Vacation Part I) and let me know what your favourite family vacation memory is. If I get..lets say 15 comments…I’ll post the video of Stellar.

For those that don’t know: Press the comment button below the post. Only I will be able to see your email. Yes, you can post anonymously.

Looking forward to reading! 🙂 xo



  1. you are such a good writer Tessa,I find your blog so interesting and so heart filled,who knew you had such a hidden talent.XOXOXOX—cmp—-

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