Posted by: theweesak | March 29, 2010

Family Vacation Part I

Somehow spring break when you are 26 doesn’t mean the same thing as when you are 15. Spring break was always the best one — besides summer of course. Usually, it meant a vacation. And if not, you either got to enjoy lovely spring weather (or a wicked blizzard that calls for snowpants, a snowball fight, followed by a warm cup  of hot chocolate and a classic Disney movie).

This brings me to thoughts of my favourite family vacation. I have two (because of two families of course!). First, with my Dad. When I was about 10 and my sister was 7, my Dad threw the camper on the back of his pickup and packed my sister and I up for a trip across Canada. Pretty much the ENTIRE country. We drove from Calgary to Nova Scotia. Looking back, we are all in agreement that he was nuts. A great idea in theory, however, when you pack up two kids (who fight like cats on the best of days) and drive for who knows how many hours each day — not to mention doing it all by himself — things can get a little stressful. Now I was young and don’t remember much except for a few key events:

– Driving through Vermont to visit some family there and going to McDonalds (we NEVER got McDonalds at home…).

– Looking at dead jellyfish we caught in the ocean with my Dad and Grampy.

– Building my extensive bug collection from the grill of my Dad’s truck when we stopped for pee breaks. (I know. I know.)

– We were driving across a bridge and my sister threw her flip flop out the window  into one of the Great Lakes. We may or may not have been in Minnesota. (I told Mom on her and she asked us to go back and get it. We didn’t.)

– We were on the last leg of the trip, outside of Medicine Hat, and the truck broke down. We were quite literally in the middle of nowhere with not a soul for miles. By some stoke of luck, there was a phone booth (so random) on the corner a few hundred meters away.

Looking back, we gave my Dad a good run for his money. But it was so fun and I loved it.

The second favourite vacation is coming soon — check back!



  1. Damnit!!!! that was going to be mine! the hilight was either me trying to see how far i could go in the pool before i couldnt touch ( yes, aged 7) and that guy had to save me as I sunk and lsid to the deepest part of the pool, or yes throwing the flip flop out the window… orrrrr me being locked in the trailer because yes I was a runner! haah! but hmmmmm best vacay… I have a lot Florida was pretty sweet but so was our other trip out to nova scotia! camping with the taylors all over the maritimes… 3 words Black Brook Beach… or that night we went swimmin in that sweet camp site with kris you and myself and that pool had dolphins on the bottom dont ask me why I remember that.. you know my memory… But k I got it Top VACAY of ALL TIME
    you guessed it The Big Apple!!
    4 rows behind home plate at the old yankee stadium … it doesn’t get much better than that!!!
    oh and the stadium tour, monument park was incredible! oh I guess Broadway was sweet too but being 100 yards from DJ pretty much made my life!!
    There can you send me the VID!\
    xx Zia Rub

    • Holy life story. But great comment all great memories. I hope others who read will understand. And BTW, I need 15 comments ON THE BLOG. Then will post video here.

      Oh and by 15 differen people. I know you are sneaky.

  2. I remember your trip to Vermont! We all had so much fun together! I remember coming out to Calgary fro Natalie’s wedding and meeting you guys and staying at your house! That was a fun trip. I even remember going to the Stampede parade and fair – with curlers in my hair! I miss the both of you and I think we should find away to all vacation together again!

  3. Do my comments count? I love the video.
    May favorite Vacation will be the next one we take (with the weesak)

  4. Wow which one to pick. Was it going to Creston when I was young and actually getting to pick fruit off a tree. First airplane ride (yes I was 15) to Toronto to see my first niece. First (and only so far) trip to Europe. Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, California, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Boston, B.C., Minnesota (which is near and dear to me – might be because of the Mall of America). But I have to say I loved South Carolina the best (just Dave and I), the whole experience can be summed up with one word – romantic :). If you have a chance to go, just do it!

    • Nonna I do NOT agree with you… you call yourself a Yankees fan…. and that your children are most dear to you and wham you pick a trip with no Tilly Ruby or Batman or Yanks…Man oh man!
      ps. I love how we have nicknames hahaha xx

  5. I don’t think I have a favourite vacation. But road trips with dad are always fun.

  6. 15 comments…. jeesh that’s ambitious!!? But then again this is the bestest blog ever.

    Favorite Vacation? Hard to choose, but one that sticks out for me was the year that I played hockey in Mannheim and my entire family came to visit me at Christmas because I didn’t have enough time to make it back to Canada. We had driven to Northern Saskatchewan for 15 years in a row so having Xmas somewhere else was really a change for everyone. Weihnachtsmarkt, (christmas markets) with Gluhwein and watching my sister get sick eating so many Bratwurst…too funny. Oh and we rang in the new year with the Kohlmeiers too!


  7. Fav family Vacay??? Probs anytime I get to go to Cape Breton Island sit on a boat all day long and eat mussels, crab, lobster and fish…

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