Posted by: theweesak | March 17, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog…

This blog entry has very little to do with Stella. As you may have noticed, I have been absent from the blogging world for quite sometime. Quite frankly, I’m being a little selfish. Stella is glorious and cute. Her father and I are wrapped so tightly around her little finger that it is goingto turn blue and fall off. In all seriousness, I am so enthralled in this little girl. Her giggles, her little “toofers” that are poking out of her gums, her little personality shining through her squinty eyes, and how each day she finds a way to astonish me and bring me near tears from joy. I didn’t want to blog. Because I don’t want to miss.a.thing. Not one. As I write this post, I’m laying in bed and Stella is asleep, where she is safely not growing up on me.
Which brings me to my inspiration for today’s post. First, a little background info. I was introduced to the world of blogging and more specifically mommy-blogging about a year and a half ago. I was plunking around on and it seemed that all the women had blogs. Blogs about moms saving money, moms being moms, moms being pregnant moms, women trying to be moms, moms who just like everyone to know everything, and moms who most definately had the most adorable kids in the universe. Ever. (they obviously haven’t seen Stella — as I’m sure you would agree) I was shocked by their openness. All of a sudden I was in the midst of temperature charts, infertility, sex (lots is it — can you imagine posting this??), everything baby. So why did I get started reading and why do I read now? Companionship. I don’t know these women, they don’t know me. But they are going through some of the same things. I think they are funny. I like to see what is up with their babies too. It’s a lonely place out there. I’m the only mom with a baby amongst my friends, and meeting moms isn’t easy. (“Hey, I have a baby too! Wanna be friends??” Believe it or not, I’m a little shy and incredibly socially awkward.)
Skip to present day. I have a few blogs that I read all the time, and a few I check every now and then. (my faves are, and a few others on and Twitter) Anyways, the “interwebs” are all a-buzz today about an article in the ny times. “Honey, Dont Bother Mommy. I’m Busy Building My Brand”. Hmm. Here is where things get complicated. My blog: mostly pictures of Stella, and odd post thrown in the mix, and all of my readers (although I’m still not completely sure I have more than one — Hi Caterina!! :waves eratically: Thanks for the support and comments!) are people I know. I think. Other (more successful – in readership, followers, commenters, advertisements, corporate interest, etc) have giveaways from various companies, are asked to do reviews of products in excahnge for money or free swag and have all of these clicky buttons down the sides of their blogs. Whew! This is a job for some women. And all the power to them. Building a blog is hard. Where do you get the readers from? And the content? Lets not kid ourselves, I’m not the most talented of writers either… And some of these women crack me up. The mommy blogging community is growing. Fast. And who wouldn’t want a piece of the pie? To be fair, I would be a pretty sweet job, and of course, a job that is condusive to raising a family.
I think that there is a fine line. And most would agree. Although I don’t think any bloggers are plopping their kid next to the electrical socket with forks (as one mommy put it), maybe their are some who’s priorities are, let us say, not where I would put them. But in that case, who am I to judge. Especially when I don’t know these people or how they spend their days. I’m just saying this. Would I love to blog more? Yes. Would I love to make a little extra money for it? Sure! I wouldn’t turn away a knock at the door (or a *ding from my inbox I should say). Am I ready to throw my life onto a web page for all to read while possibly risking seeing what could be happening behind the screen of my laptop? A first step perhaps? Not a chance. So where does this leave me? Not sure. I guess in the place I started. But maybe with a few more posts thrown in for good measure.

What do you think? Here is the article.



  1. oh HEY! Guess who!!! Thanks for the shout out I feel special!!haha! You know I check this thing daily! It's so hard being out here in Saskatchistan and not seeing the munchkin growing up with my own eyes, the pictures are definately helping but you know not the same thing! Anyways I love reading your little blurbs so hopefully you can find enough time to blog more! See you soon! Happy Blogging ❤

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