Posted by: theweesak | March 17, 2010

The Big Move!

Hello Friends,

I am attempting to make my move! (it may take me a bit to it up and running).

Our new address is:

See you there!



  1. Dear Sister,
    Way to cut me out of the main picture, cut me real deep there Tilly, cut me deep!

    Anyways loving the new site, keep up the great work! It gives me something to read about and up to date with my favourite munchkin!

    I’ve decided to start blogging too! You’ve inspired me! Mine will be more sports based, so I’ll let you know how it goes! Hopefully you’ll critique me as I know you won’t beat around the bush and be completely honest, it must be a big sister thing! xo

  2. Hey Tilly – I read your entries too! I like to check in a get my update on the little missy.

    Keep it up.

  3. I read them to, but as I offer TLC every other day, should I blog my days with her 🙂

  4. Now if I only I could put pictures on here instead of the ringoffire……

    • Oops. I can show you how! 🙂

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