Posted by: theweesak | March 17, 2010

Follow up

So in the light of my last post — to blog or not to blog, I am stuck in limbo. Do I make my blog more public for all to see? Restrict to only those I know? Or just keep status quo…if people stumble across it, they can read as they wish?

I still don’t know. Quite honestly, I’m back at work, so I don’t have the time to “full time blog” – nor do I want to. But, I have added a bit of a curtain in case people I don’t know are reading. I have gone back through posts and changed some names. Mostly for me and my other half. So, some introductions are needed. My blogger name is Tilly (from a favourite childhood book) and Stellar’s Daddy is referred to as Bee.

Also, a little reminder that I like to read your comments!! See below this blog post? Look down. Yep, see the little COMMENTS button? Give it a shot! Don’t know what to write? Here, I’ll help… If you had a secret alias name what would it be??


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