Posted by: theweesak | December 27, 2009

If I only knew…

So, in the past few days, I have found myself reminiscing about times pre-Stella. I should actually start this post gushing about how she is so beautifully wonderful and I have never loved anyone so so much. But I’m sure you get the gist — I’ll save this for another day when I am feeling a little more sappy.

Today, let’s be realistic. I love love love my baby, but there are some things that I miss and/or took advantage of in my life before Stella.

1. Eating a warm meal. You know, you never really think about this before having a child. Food = warm. Right? Wrong. Enjoy it while you can folks. Because now-a-days, as soon as Mommy sits down to scarf back her quick-made dinner, a diaper change, feeding, or other parent demand is required.

2. Travelling alone. Whether it be to the grocery store, or more recently to Texas via air travel (which I don’t particularly enjoy in the first place), going anywhere takes longer. To run an errand, allow yourself at least an extra half hour.

The first time I went out on my own (obviously – this was back in June – and thank God, if this story took place in the winter, there would be a lot more to think about. Luckily, by the time winter rolled around, I was a seasoned vetran), I realized that there was so much more to think about with a little lady in the car. So here we are, about to embark on a new adventure. Tilly and Stella are going to gas up Stanley (if you have read before, Stanley is my trusty Jeep Patriot) and pick up some groceries — all at the Coop which is quite literally 2 blocks from my house. So, Stella goes into the car seat. First dilemma — do I need a diaper bag?? I will only be gone maybe an hour. Murphy’s Law, if I don’t bring one, she will choose this time to dirty her diaper beyond repair and need another outfit. So I’ll bring one. Okay. (For those of you who know me well, I am a tad bit forgetful at home. I have a mental checklist I need to do before I leave — Wallet? Check. Cell? Check. Keys? Check. Glasses? Check. And now — Baby? Check.) Okay. And we are off to the races. We get to the gas station and I fill up the car, thank god for pay at the pump. As a brand-new mom, I was thinking as I filled about the dilemma if I had to go in. Do I leave my week old baby in the car? Alone? What if the fumes from the gas station mysteriously get into the car and harm her? Or what if someone steals my car with my baby in it? I would bring her in — and it would take me an extra 10 minutes. Oh dear lord. Ok, back on track. So we whip around to the Coop where I unload her. Wait. I have a stroller which her car seat clips into oh-so-snuggly. Do I balance her precariously on top of the cart, like I have seen other Moms do? Yipes, no I can’t. Not yet. Maybe in a few months when I have built up my confidence. Ok, I can’t push a stroller and a cart at the same time (though I thought about it). Soooo, ah yes! I’ll put her in the Peanut Shell! Problem solved! (You are such a thinker Tilly!). Until I get in the grocery store and realize that I can’t really bend over to reach anything on the bottom shelves. Oh well, we can live without. Eye-level groceries only. So we go to pay, and praise the Lord for the people who help you take your groceries to your car at Coop. I have since gone to Superstore a few times, and it is much more complicated. So we get home and unload baby and groceries (which end up stitting out for a while because Stella is now cranky and needs to eat), but at the end of the day all goes well. Back to the point, oh how I miss the days of throwing on some pants and running to pick up a thing or two.

As far as travelling by air? Well, I just did this yesterday (which is what inspired this post). We were delayed about 2 1/2 hours. Lovely. Apparently, when guys bring bombs on planes to detenate in Detriot, the US Department of Homeland Security doesn’t like that. And as I was reminded by repeating announcements in the George Bush Airport in Houston, my personal belongings may be a threat to national security and any remarks or jokes made will land me in jail. Uggg (after listening to them for that long, I’m sure I could repeat them word for word). Ok first, think packing — times a zillion. I feel like I could do the 12 days of packing…
12 Ziploc baggies
11 baby onesies
10 packs of diapers
9 javex wipes
8 little toys
7 change of clothes
6 receiving blankets
5 bags for packing
4 little washcloths
3 current passports
2 baby spoons
And a camera to catch all the action.

Then, getting it all to the airport, clearing security, waiting, waiting, waiting (with a Stella that won’t sleep), getting on a plane, traveling for 3 hours (still with a baby that won’t sleep), getting off the plane (with a baby that JUST fell asleep), getting 5 bags off of a carousel (while carrying a sleeping baby), clearing customs. All with a sick husband. Whew. Did I mention I didn’t feel well? No? That’s right. Mom’s don’t have time to be sick. EVER. (Mark that one on the list of things I took advantage of as a non-parent. Being sick and laying in bed feeling sorry for myself.) — See #4

3. Going pee without feeling guilty. Where do I leave her? On the floor? Answer – yep! Or hold it (which evidently probably contributed to my kidney stones a while back – so holding it is not recommended.)

4. Being sick. And laying in bed. You know that Benalyn commercial? “It’s a good day… For singing a song…”. Yeah, I’m sooo jealous of that guy. That looks like heaven.

5. Shaving my legs. Sorry Bee. Some things just fall to the bottom of the priority list. Let’s not get confused though. This, unfortunately is a concious choice. Not like last Christmas with the dreaded preggo brain. I went to Bee’s Christmas party in my cute little dress, did my hair all pretty-like and realized only when we got to the venue that – yep – totally forgot to shave. Lucky it was dark in there.

Well that about sums it up for now. As many parents can attest to, I’m sure there are many more!



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  2. Love your 12 days of packing.

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