Posted by: theweesak | December 22, 2009

Stellar’s First Christmas

Stella is such a lucky girl! She has so many people that love her so much, that she gets numerous Christmases.

Her Christmases are in Texas with her Grandma and Grandpa Sak(1), in Calgary at home with Mom and Dad (2), with Grampy, Daina and Lindsey (3), and finally with Nonna, Grandpa Dave, Zia and Adam (4!!). I’ll try to get pictures with all to keep them straight. Whew!

As a mom (and Bee agrees), I can hardly wait for the day to start to make things our own. I know, it comes with the territory of having the first grandchild — the Christmas routine of seeing everyone — which I love, don’t get me wrong. Honestly, it is probably something we will always do. For the last how-ever-many years, I have done the rounds. Christmas is important to me and my families. I think it is a time to see each other. I know Stella will not remember this Christmas, or even know what is going on, so it doesn’t much matter…But, perhaps next Christmas, when Stella can wake up in her bed, come downstairs with us and we can have breakfast and open gifts in our living room. She can have a tree at our house, etc. It is something that I have waited for for a long time.

As far as Christmas traditions, I have already started, or carried some along, with her. She will get Jammers every Chirstmas Eve to wear to bed, as well as a picture next to the tree in her new Jammers. She’ll also get a book and I think I’ll do something like trace her hand every Christmas and put it in a little book.

Today was a great day. Texas is fresh today (“will be freezing cold” as the paper put it — it is about 12 degrees centigrade), so we went swimming in the pool in the backyard. Now, just hanging out and later…Turkey!

We have lots of pictures — will try to post when we get home. ❤ Merry Christmas!


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