Posted by: theweesak | December 15, 2009

It’s been a while..

I know, I am one of those…”I’ll update, I promise!” Then I get busy. I am constantly thinking of all of the wonderful things I can blog about, but between feeding, carrying, cooking, working, cleaning, and (oh yeah!) sleeping when I get a chance between the hours of midnight and 3AM, sitting in front of a computer typing aimlessly about goings on falls low on the list of priorities. Anyways, I have a few minutes now, so here we go.

Perhaps we should start with the little Stellar. She is great — growing like a weed, and surprising us everyday. I find it so incredibly amazing how she picks things up. I thought she would never roll over, simply because she hated her stomach when she was little-er. I thought my child would never roll, thus never crawl and then would be immobile for all eternity. Okay, so that is an exaggeration, but you get my point. But then one day, it just happened (and now, won’t lay still). Then, as we plunk along, playing and cooing and laughing, she sits up — and stays there! Hold up, we didn’t go over this! We didn’t even practice! As a mother, I feel that it is much too early for my girl to be pouncing these things on me. I need a heads up. If she sits up without me teaching her, then what is next?? Any day now, she’ll stroll into the kitchen a cell phone in hand asking me to borrow the car. Holy be-jeezus.

First, we need to sort out this whole sleeping thing. We are getting there. After a few frustrating nights, we came to a decision (or strategy you might say) to combat the problem. (The problem of waking up 4 -5 times per night to eat, cuddle, etc.) Here is my advice to new parents: There are countless websites, books, advice lines TV shows and unsolicited advice givers who will all tell you the “right” way to make your baby sleep. It may be leaving her to “cry it out” (which, I think in the end would make me cry it out), co-sleeping and cuddling to make it stop (which worked for us for the first 6 months), or “Feber-izing” (it just made me think of Meet the Fockers) just to name a few. You can choose anything really, anything that works for you and your family. Just give it a fair shot and be consistent. Oh, and have a discussion and decide during the day. At 4:30 in the morning while rocking an infant who has decided that now is a great time to exercise vocal cords while you use scotch tape to affix your eyelashes to your eyelids to stay awake, neither you or your spouse are in the right state of mind to come to any sort of logical decision.

I am currently sitting in Texas (Katy, to be precise), as we are visiting my in-laws for the holidays. We are having a great time shopping and doing all that you do while visiting family. So expect some picture updates when we get home!

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