Posted by: theweesak | October 28, 2009

Here we Grow!

Things happen so fast. It feels like just yesterday when Stella was so helpless in my arms, all wrinkly and squinting in the light of the delivery room.
Now, her waking hours are spent smiling (lots of smiling!), loving her Mommy, rolling (yes from her back to front and front to back today) and grabbing at things. Here’s an idea of where she is at right now.

  • She laughs almost on a daily basis at me if I do something that she finds funny. She just laughed at Dad for the first time yesterday.
  • She almost immediately grabs anything within her reach including flowers, water bottles, hair, toys, clean laundry (she likes to “help” me fold), etc. She loves exploring all she can pick up with her mouth. Bust out the cleaner!
  • She follows you with her eyes and turns her head at my voice. She’ll sometimes turn at her name, we still don’t know if she knows it is hers yet or not.
  • She can roll! Yikes!
  • She has decided that the bottle is not her friend and will not take it. She will starve herself and wait for Mom instead.
  • She weighs about 13lbs 1oz, and is 23.75 inches long. This is the 50th percentile for children her age.
  • She loves giving kisses (i.e. slobbering on my cheek). She will give kisses to Daddy too, but only when he shaves. She will not if there is stubble — cute!
I never knew that I would love something so much as I love Stella. She is my world and I would do anything for her. This feeling is one that I have heard mothers talk about before, but I have never completely understood until I had Stella. I love being a mom, and feel that it is truly what I was meant to do. There are no words to describe the feeling when she looks at me, at my face and into my eyes. I know form this look that she loves me and trusts me. It feels like a huge responsibility, but there is a certain instinct that just takes over. There are certain decisions that need to be made (i.e. — flu vaccinations, when to start her on solids, where/when/how she should sleep, etc.). It seems that there is a plethora of information and oodles of folks who are willing to tell you what is best, but at the end of the day, it is our decision. What we feel works for us is what we will do. Because she is our wee one.

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