Posted by: theweesak | October 21, 2009

Can we talk about Wednesdays?

And why they are so very cool. Please note – not baby related in the slightest.

Every mom needs a break — and Wednesdays are it for me. I’ve never really been a huge TV series watcher, but this year, I’ve caught on to a few…

Glee — Oh how I love Glee. And luckily, so does Lindsey and Daina. So in the event that my “Mummy Duties” are calling, I can watched it via POV on the weekend. Wicked soundtracks, funny characters, interesting story line — and the kid in high school that, if I could go back in time, would be — presuming I would have the talent of course. Gleek-tastic.

Mercy — I like it, mostly for the doctors 😉

Modern Family — Watch it. Watch it. Watch it. I ❤ Modern Family!

Cougartown — I like this show, but I’m not sure why — is it because it is funny or because I like to think that maybe there is a little smidge of Monica hiding in Courtney Cox? Either way — good entertainment.

Ok, baby crying — gotta go! Got house work to do — It’s TV night!


  1. Tessa your blog is priceless, and you are a really gifted writer! I love reading it, it's been awhile and I am grinning ear to ear.The videos of her laughing are my favorite by far. I need to come for a visit soon!

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