Posted by: theweesak | October 9, 2009

One spare second!!

Well here I am with a second to spare… As I sit in Saskatoon, I seem to have an eager family as welcome babysitters while I catch up a minute. Whew!

To sum it all up, the last four months, it has been quite the ride! Some wonderful highs, and not so great lows, but through I all I love love love being a mom. There is nothing else I would rather do! (Ask me again in 15 years!)
Looking back, I was very nervous about labour and the actual delivery of Stella. Who knew 4 months later I would sit here and say it was a walk in the park. An easy day. I would even go so far to say it was enjoyable! It is all relative right?? Well considering the events that followed, my feelings may be warranted. The first couple weeks were filled with feeding times of toe-curling, agonizing pain to the point of tears to get breast feeding on a roll. After a bout of self-aborted mastitis, I thought things were looking up. Only to find that a day later I was finding symptoms such as itchy palms and soles of feet and pustules (I know, gross) on my upper legs and seat. After 2 rounds of antibiotics (the infection I had was resistant to the first treatment), alas all was good and it clicked! Stella was great, I was finally starting to feel like myself…ahh motherhood.
Or so I thought…I’m just getting into bed one night and feeling A-Ok, then in one minute — all goes to shit. I am curled over in the worst pain OF MY LIFE. Ridiculous.
I should pause here to mention that I don’t get sick. You know, the yearly cold, a few self-induced pukers — but that is about it. I’ve never been to the hospital (for me). I went to a clinic in Florida for an earache when I was 7. That is the extent of my emergency medical care.
So anyways, I call HealthLink, and I am ESP-ing the nurse to tell me nothing is wrong. Pop a few Tylenol, drink a magical concoction to stop the puking, use a heat pad to get rid of the severe cramping and the skip off down the Yellow Brick Road. Ummm. No Go. Get to the hospital she says. Yipes. So I call my momma and tell her to get up, put on some clothes and that I need help. She drives me into the Foothills (aka The Twilight Zone) at 11:00pm and I wait my standard 3 hours in Emergency. (No thanks — I think I’ll pass next time). When I am admitted, my nurse is working her last shift before she has her baby — go figure. She starts pumping me full of something that at least takes the edge off. After another few hours, I see the doctor who orders an Ultrasound for the morning to see if I have a cyst on my ovary or a kidney stone. ( I should mention that everyone I spoke with asked me if I was pregnant — Oh I don’t think so.) Okee-Dokee. More waiting. Ultrasound comes and goes, they can’t see a cyst, so they assume it is a kidney stone. Unfortunately the urinary specialty folks over at the Rockyview need proof so I need to go for CAT-Scan. Might I mention that during conversation the doc dropped words such as radiation, atom bomb and Hiroshima. Lovely — Send me in!
So yes, they found it. A 5mm stone was wreaking havoc in my ureter. I was transferred to the Rockyview in a ambulance-esque vehicle. My surgery was scheduled for 1:00am, then re-scheduled to 10:00am the next day. I get into my room — start falling asleep when my neighbour comes in. And I know her! Trudy was in my pre-natal exercise class. Trudy loves to talk…Tessa hasn’t slept in just shy of 2 days. I hope I didn’t come across rude falling asleep mid-conversation. Oh, and by the way I could not drink water this whole time. Oh for the love of god that sucked so very bad.
Anyways, to make a long story very anti-climactic, I passed the stone naturally (if you call a healthy dose of morphine naturally). But I missed Stella. I missed two nights with her — two days of her being her, countless feedings. She had to eat formula — eww. Trust me — I saw the aftermath. It took me a while to get caught up on Stella time.
So, in the past four months, kidney stones have been the worst followed by breast feeding, then labour. Bring it on.
On the upside — Stella is wonderful. It truly is amazing how quickly things progress and how little people grow. She has quickly gone from a tiny helpless girl to one that can hold her head up, roll over, smile, laugh — and carry a little bit of an attitude that has her mom and dad wrapped firmly around her finger. We love her. As you can see, Brent posts pictures quite frequently that say a thousand words. Stay tuned, there will be more!

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