Posted by: theweesak | August 15, 2009

The GREAT Week!

Well, it has been a while since we have had a blog entry, so I figured it was about time. Life is busy busy with a wee one!
Starting in mid-July, Stella and I went on a couple trips. First, we visited Edmonton to introduce Stella to her extended families. We had a great time, and I think when we counted it all up, Stella had met 28 people in the 2 days that we were there! It was great fun and hope that we can see everyone again soon…and this time, we will bring Daddy (he had to stay home to work!).
One night, we went to Vi’s Pies in Edmonton to meet cousins, aunts and various members of Stella’s BIG family. Although Stella was a little crabby that night, we had a great time! Thanks everyone for coming!

That week, Stella also met all of her GREAT Grandparents!

Oma (Daina’s Mom).

Great Grandma, Tilly’s Stepdad’s Mom.

Po Po and Gong Gong Lee (Bee’s Mom’s Parents).

Grandpa Sak and Aunt Carrie (Bee’s Dad’s Father and Sister).
Nanny (Tilly’s Dad’s Mom).
What a lucky girl! So many people to love her!


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