Posted by: theweesak | June 21, 2009

The First Night

Just a quick note about how much the very first night with Stella sucked. Not her, she was wonderful, of course. She’s only a baby!


At the hospital, Bee cannot stay overnight. Which means, as a new mom, you are basically alone for the first night. The nurse isn’t really around much (the 2 times I called it took about 30 mintues for her to come — not her fault, I’m sure she was busy!), you are by yourself, you don’t know what you are doing, you are tired (I had only slept for 2 hours in the last 48!). It was really frustrating and discouraging. When Bee came back the next morning, I have never been so happy to see him.

Just a warning to all new mommies — be prepared. Sink or Swim.


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