Posted by: theweesak | January 9, 2009

The Big U/S

This will be my catch-you-up on medical stuff blog post. Ok, first things first… About 2 weeks ago, I had my monthly check up with my doctor ( a wonderful wonderful man who has been my doctor since I was born…he is fantastic!). Here is the scoop on a couple minor things that he brought to my attention.

First, my blood type is O-. Cool, I didn’t know that. However, depending on Bee’s blood type, I may have to get a shot so that in future pregnancies, my body’s antibodies won’t attack the baby. I would have to get this shot if Bee has any + blood type. After doing some “Googling” at home, I discovered that only a small percentage of people of Asian descent have negative blood type. No biggie, so I have to get a needle. The only downer? I did a little more research and the shot may be in my ass…and it stings…awesome.

Second, wee sak was a little bigger than a baby for that age. Yippie for healthy growth! The only thing I thought was a little odd is that Bee was only 4 lbs 2 oz when he was born. He was perfectly healthy, full term and fully developed, just little. Let’s face it, I don’t love him for his big manly stature…he’s what you’d call…hmmm…petite. 🙂 I was a little more regular sized at 7lbs 10 oz. Hopefully wee sak stays under the 10 lb mark!

Last, something fairly irrelevant about my Rhubella (sp?) shot when I was a baby…not interesting really, I won’t get into it.

Now, big news! Today, we went for our first, and possibly only ultrasound. Yay! Those are fun! Besides having to drink obscene amounts of water and then holding it while the wee sak uses my bladder as a trampoline, it was great! Although the ultrasound tech tells us nothing regarding the health of wee sak (my doc will let me know at my next appointment at the end of the month), she did tell us that I was actually measuring 18 weeks 3 days (3 days further than I thought). Whoopie! Oh aaannnddd, we are having a girl. 🙂 The wee sak is a she.

Talk to you soon!


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