Posted by: theweesak | December 30, 2008


Here I go. Blog number one. A warning to all who choose to read: I have never blogged before…I’m not a diary or journal type of girl. I don’t write songs, I don’t do poetry. No written emotional outlets for me. Come to think of it, I don’t even really contemplate “life things” for long enough to know what to write about them. Perhaps this will be good for me.

I thought that since we (Bee and I – Tilly) are embarking on this new adventure (I am still looking for a word to replace “miraculous debacle” – and I mean that in the happiest most endearing way possible), I might as well keep some kind of record of it. Plus, I can share it with you! So lets get it started!

First, for those internet creepers, I can start out with some back ground info…

Bee and I are both born and bred in Calgary. We love it here and will most likely live here until at least we retire. This dream is sometime away as we are twenty-somethings. Our Jobs: Bee works in Oil & Gas and I am an Event Coordinator.

We met working in recreation. We were in a gymnasium…and the romance begins…(maybe we’ll save the stories for another blog – perhaps on a slow day). We were engaged last Christmas and were in the midst of planning a wedding for the Spring of 2009. This has since been postponed due to our big surprise. Plans will be resumed when I can get back into my dress that I just bought in September.

We found out the day we were going out for my birthday dinner on October 3rd. Two lines staring back at us. At first, we looked a little like deer in headlights. Now, we couldn’t be happier. I love that we are having a baby and Brent does too.

So here I am, 16 and a little bit pregnant. Stories, thoughts and major contemplations to come!


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